K+S Services has worked across the globe to provide automotive manufacturers with correct and quality solutions to bring direct benefits to their customers’ bottom line.

We provide solutions to a wide variety of automotive plants, from major OEMs to suppliers of all sizes.

When it comes to serving the automotive industry, K+S Services has found a solution that surpasses even the nearest competition: proximity. K+S has worked with automotive manufacturers worldwide to create relationships that both improve the quality of service they provide, and provides direct benefits to their customers’ bottom line.

By opening a repair facility near the auto company’s plants, K+S is able to provide faster and more cost-effective solutions to their automotive partners. This reduces transit times for parts in repair to practically zero, and can reduce turnaround times for repairs to a much more manageable number of days, since there is no wait for shipping involved. Add in K+S’ warranty, part tracking service, and massive inventory of in-stock replacement parts, there is no reason to choose a competitor over K+S.

Products We Service:

  • Ballscrews
  • Boards
  • Broaching Machines
  • CNC
  • Drives
  • Electronics
  • Hydraulics
  • Industrial Controls
  • Large Gpm Pumps
  • Molding Presses 250 Ton & Greater
  • Oil Gear Pumps
  • PLC
  • Stamping Presses 1000 Tons & Greater
  • Paint Systems
  • Plating Lines
  • PLC
  • Precision Spindles
  • Robots
  • Servo Motors
  • Servo Valves
  • Teach Pendants
  • Transfer Equipment
  • Welders
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Since 1982, we have helped over 800 different manufacturers and over 120,000 unique part numbers. It’s safe to say that K+S Services is ready and more than capable of supporting your company with our full range of repair services.

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The K+S Resource library is a searchable, comprehensive repository of all documents related to K+S. Whether you are looking for our line cards, or application-specific documentation, you will be able to find it in the Resource library below.

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