Up Front Engagement

Utilizing bar-code technology and a team of highly trained Inventory Specialists, K+S can provide you with a complete picture of your population of Repairable Assets by Department, Cost Center and Machine.

Our team will identify the:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model Number
  • Revision Level
  • Floor Location
  • Warranty Team

On all of your installed repairable assets, providing you with:

  • True bill of material for installed capital assets by machine location.
  • Identification of serial number.
  • Revision Level
  • Corrected Model Number (when applicable)

Allowing you to have an accurate picture of your installed components.

We can also work with your stores personnel to provide bar-coding services for your crib areas. By combining these two data sources, we can assist you in determining proper float levels for your install base and identify potential obsolescence and stock out situations.

This service can be provided to you as a data only program, or as an add-on to our S.T.A.M.P. Repairable Asset Management Program to assist you in managing your parts and providing cost savings through Warranty Surveillance and vendor management.