Over 30 Years of Quality Repair

Simulation Equipment

We have 30 years of experience under our belt when it comes to the Hydraulic and Mechanical Repair field. K+S is ready to provide you with the solutions you need.

Our trained technicians understand the importance of meeting the exacting requirements and the operational demands of simulation equipment.

K+S uses only OEM manufactured parts in the rebuild process. When original parts or components are no longer available, K+S will either manufacture or have manufactured, the required components to the exact specifications of the OEM drawings.

K+S has the ability to repair, rebuild, or remanufacture your simulation motion control components. Our simulation technicians have over 20 years experience servicing; motion legs and actuators, control loaders, pumps, motors, accumulators, servo valves, knuckles, and all other associated components.

K+S not only serves the commercial airlines and entertainment industries, we also support military applications as well.

Whether you require a complete system rebuild or individual component repair, our Simulation Department can meet your needs for quality, turn around and price.

We provide repairs for the following components:

  • Knuckle Repair
  • Complete Motion base rebuild/remanufactured
  • Individual actuator repair/rebuild
  • Individual leg repair/rebuild
  • Power unit rebuild
  • Servo valve repair/service
  • Abort valve repair/service
  • Control loading actuator rebuild
  • Hydraulic pump and motor repair/rebuild
  • Detailed failure analysis report
  • Final Testing report
Simulation Equipment
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    Since 1982, we have helped over 800 different manufacturers and over 120,000 unique part numbers. It’s safe to say that K+S Services is ready and more than capable of supporting your company with our full range of repair services.

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    ISO Certified

    Certified Repair Process

    Our ISO 9001:2015 certified repair process is designed to ensure that all repairs are executed properly, so that all parts are returned to you in excellent working condition. Our customer portal allows you to track and follow your parts through the process. Read more to learn about our eight-step repair process.

    The Process

    Simulation Equipment


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    The K+S Resource library is a searchable, comprehensive repository of all documents related to K+S. Whether you are looking for our line cards, or application-specific documentation, you will be able to find it in the Resource library below.

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